Brighter, better

Brighter, better

Our services

Element15 specializes in
catering to the needs of
Start-Ups, SMEs & NPOs.


Brand ID and Campaigns

Let your business burn bright in the minds of customers.

Brand identity & positioning. Logos, brand strategies, rebrands.


Melting away the marketing B.S.

Outsourced on-demand or retainer marketing consultants.


Illuminating your path to sales and marketing success.

Custom strategies that aligning marketing, sales and advertising.

Our mission

We all deserve better.

Clients deserve better marketing – better sales and advertising partners, people serving as real guides and cohorts to success.

As customers we all deserve better. We deserve brands that are genuinely good, and are valuable to us. Brands with values authentically aligned with ours.

As marketers, creatives and strategists we deserve to work on better projects, on better brands. We deserve to be recognised for the value we bring to our craft.

We all deserve better. We deserve to shine Brighter.

Our Team

Our core team collaborates with a network of professionals in their respective fields to ensure you get the service mix you require.

John Gamble

Founder and New Business Director

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Our way of work

Based on the New Way of Work, we represent a group of senior marketing, brand and creative professionals in a non-traditional agency structure.

We consult with you first to determine what you really need. Based on your needs we then match you with an account manager or project manager and the right mix of consultants, strategists and creatives that will best suit your industry, business model and marketing requirements.

Please note we do not pitch. We are best suited to start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises, and NPOs looking for a strategic creative marketing partner.

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